Photo Story-Danny Muse

A good friend of mine, Danny Muse, was paralyzed and injured in a dirtbike accident in March 2008.  As he was forced to become confined to a wheelchair and the help of his parents, he, surprisingly, has been very upbeat about the situation. Danny has taught me the basics of his condition, as in what he must go through each day, the extent of his injury and paralysis in general.

Danny and I are both part of the Texas Cross Country Racing Association ( The TCCRA community was blindsided by the accident and has made people realize that an injury this substantial can happen. However, in wake of Danny’s accident, the members of the organization came together to offer montary and emotional support.

Six months after Danny’s accident, the members of the TCCRA was able to witness the most couragesous and inspirational “thank you” any of us had probably ever seen. It was racing. 

Danny, with the help of friends and family, was able to modify his bike with hand controls. With his legs duct taped to the foot pegs, Danny got back on the metal horse that threw him off.

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