Riding Unlimited

For my Photojournalism on the Web class this past Fall, we were required to produce a multimedia package for the web by using all the things we had learned throughout the semester; video, stills, soundslides, audio, and etc…

As a group, we chose to focus on an equestrian therapy riding facility in Ponder, TX, Riding Unlimited. I live in Justin, TX and have driven by the ranch many times and always wondered what exactly they did there. For the project, we decided to check it out and decided that this idea would be great for our end of the year project.  

Riding Unlimited provides equestrian therapy  for people with disabilities (www.ridingunlimited.org). I was very happy to do this story even though it may have been a little difficult. I enjoy being around people who have been born with disabilities because even though they may have to go through life a little different from the rest of us, they seem to have the best out look on life.


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