Pre-Graduation Post

I have been so busy lately and haven’t been able to post anything new. I graduate in one week and trying to get everything done, while trying not to fall in to “senioritis” has been a real struggle. I have been asked by so many people to take pictures for them such as senior pictures, pictures for Mother’s Day or just pictures to have pictures. Although this adds to my busyness it has come at the best time since I am in the process of researching, and hopefully buying soon, a new camera.

I will begin to showcase some of the portraits I have been taking…one at a time.

*Difficult Lighting Helps Learning*

I love taking pictures of people and I am always looking for a new environment that I can learn in. A friend of mine, Jessica, asked me to take pictures of her with her boyfriend’s Harley-Davidson, for his birthday. The scenario was that she would set up a black sheet in her garage and the Harley in front. I was scared of what the lighting might be like and I only have a Canon Speedlite 430EX and a tripod. 

So just as I thought, the available lighting was a single light bulb. Luckily Jessica had a halogen shop light stored in the garage and I tried to put it to good use. I set it up on a cooler and pointed it up towards the ceiling for some bounce light. 

Although the lighting issue was hard to overcome, but with a little bit of tweaking and experimentation the pictures turned out beautiful.







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