Da Vinci

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to travel to Italy in the Summer of 2006. I went with a photography group organized by one of my teachers. We traveled to Rome, Florence, Pistoia, Lucca, Venice and stayed most of the time in a villa tucked away in the Tuscan hills. The trip was magnificent! I pray one day that I will return. 

The picture above was taken in Florence just after we toured a museum that housed a Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit. I remember the moment just as the day I took the picture. It was me and two other girls resting on a bench in this courtyard. We had just finished our gelato and was watching a family play. This moment came up and I had the snap the shot. 

I have many more moments from the trip but I could only shot film  since I had not gotten my digital camera yet. Since I only have film, I do not have a way to scan my negatives anymore since I am out of school. I just happen to scan this picture in when I had some free time in the photo lab.

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  1. Teresa Bowman says:

    Hi Whitney,

    This is a beautiful picture as I am now learning all your pictures are. This one is especially beautiful and I know how special the trip was for you. I am so glad you were able to go.
    I’m enjoying seeing your work….You Are Good!

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