Like A Boss

This is my Dad and today is his 57th birthday. I am sharing this particular photo because it earned me Reserve Grand Champion in the black and white category at the Wise County Youth Fair in 1996 when I took pictures for the Newark 4H Club. He was asleep on our front porch after just getting home from work. Like my brother and pets, he was consistently the subject of several of my photographs back in the day. I would take hundreds of photos around the house just to have my mom pay to get them developed (yes, DEVELOPED! I’m old y’all!) and bring back a booklet full of random, under and over exposed pictures of parts of dogs and the occasional peace sign thrown up by my little brother. However, on this day, I took a Reserve Grand Champion photo and it has been displayed on my parents’ wall ever since.

My parents are some of the most hardworking people I know, but my Dad has always inspired me to start my own business. He started his own glass company in 1992 after he was laid off with two kids and a wife to support. He would just drive around and go from job site to job site handing out business cards. His extremely hard work, determination and long hours has grown his company, Northwest Glass and Mirror, to what it is today, which employs both of his children. My brother and I both are happy to call him Dad and Boss. Thank you Dad and Happy Birthday!



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