Bob and Wena

Finally, it is officially official! Bob and Wena are hitched! Although, if you didn’t know them personally, then you probably assumed they had been married all this time…10 years or more actually. If you had seen my earlier post, then you would know that they had dated years before they had children, lost touch and rekindled the romance. They joined their families almost instantly the day they decided to be each other’s lobster (Sorry, Friends reference) and the kids quickly called each other brother and sister. A niece and nephew were added to the bunch and are siblings just like the rest.
Thinking out loud here, “how cool would it be to have your children and grandchildren stand up with you on your wedding day!”

They would have been a family no matter what, but why not get dressed up, say ‘I Do’, eat a good meal and cut a rug? It’s what families do!Carle_251


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