First time parents are great. I know because I am one. They are anxious, scared, worried, confused and all while their heart is about to explode with happiness. It’s a part of life that only lasts a little while but it’s one of those life experiences that adds shape to the person you will be for the rest of your life. Like, you HAVE to be an adult after you have kids. Before babies, in between your dumb foolish years and becoming an “adult”, you could still pretty much do whatever you want, buy whatever you want and take a nap whenever you want. Then, life changes… Mom stays home with the baby, gives up her money, body, friends, social life. Dad gives all of that up plus has to support three people on one income. It honestly puts your relationship to the test. Your buttons will be pushed, you will stress OUT, you will yell, you will cry.

But… I know, I know you hear it all the time… “Kids are worth it.” I swear, they are. You will learn to handle your emotions, you will learn to keep your calm, you will learn to be ok with poop. You will look back, when you are old and gray, and be proud of yourself for stoping to take a breath, calming down, and remembering to exhibit grace in front of those little eyes that watch your every move.

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