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Thank you for visiting! Let me tell you a little something about me.

View More: http://chasitiewatsonphotography.pass.us/fallminibowmanMy name is Whitney Bowman. I’m a wife and a mother first, but my life wouldn’t be complete without my camera.


I’ve been shooting since I was in the third grade and haven’t stopped since. Sure, when I was nine, my (sometimes) willing subjects were a couple dogs, a cat, horse and a crazy little brother, and it was all just for fun, but it was then, my passion was born.

And it’s that passion that nine years later led me to the University of North Texas pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photojournalism.

During my time at Mean Green, I served fried chicken to happy patrons at Babe’s Chicken Dinner House (if you don’t know about Babe’s, you should) and interned for several publications and Texas Motor Speedway, snapping shots of everything from local events to asphalt victories.

The best part though? I had the opportunity to travel to Italy. I took photos of every adventure, and came home with wall-worthy art and lifetime of memories — that place is amazing!

I graduated in 2009 and soon after, started taking youth sports portraits for The Sports Section in Frisco, which, above all else, taught me patience is key when it comes to photographing children. When I wasn’t herding kiddos in uniform, I shot senior photos, family portraits and a small wedding or two.

In 2010, I married my high school sweetheart, Billy, and we settled in Northlake. I took a job not too long after at Rennhack Marketing Services in Grapevine which was great, but it never made me feel as good as when on a two-hour shoot in the perfect light, at just the right place, with an adorable family.

When I had my son, Jake, in 2013, I knew that I no longer wanted the nine-to-five so I left Rennhack and didn’t look back. I began working with a brilliant photographer at Aspen Photography in Bowie and after many successful shoots, I made the decision to finally pursue my ultimate goal: to officially open my own photography business. I did it!

Contact me for your next shoot – I can’t wait to meet you!

Cell 817.223.7406 or by Email whitneybowmanphoto@gmail.com. Like me on Facebook!





-Whitney Bowman


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