I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHING SENIORS! They are seriously so.much.fun!

Mr. Dillon Potter was such a joy to work with! Those dimples, y’all!

He is ready to graduate and move on to the next stage of life.  He is interested in a career in new media art production and schooled me on an Austin based company, Rooster Teeth, that he really wants to work for!




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Charlie’s Clubhouse

Sweet Charlie celebrates his first birthday in May and his momma was so excited to capture such an important milestone. Charlie loves Mickey Mouse and the whole crew so we had to incorporate the party’s theme in to the photos. What a sweet idea his momma had! I love it!

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Let me introduce you to my beautiful 2017 Senior Model, Sarah Martin! Sarah will be graduating this Spring from Chico High School in Chico, Texas. When I first met Sarah, I knew I wanted to work with her so I could have the chance to capture her sweet and charming personality. When she said “yes”, I was thrilled!

Sarah, I know you have so many great opportunities ahead of you and I know you will tackle them all with your strength and grace. Congratulations!

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Sweet Heston turned 3 last week and boy, did he keep me on my toes! We had so much fun playing near the lake and on the playground. I just love photographing kids on the playground. It’s their place just like you would photograph an artist in their studio. It’s perfect! Plus, I love it when parents recognize how important it is to photograph their children at every age. Each birthday brings new likes, smiles, personalities and attitudes.

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A rose among the tulips

6 months later and I get to photograph this beauty and her lovely family again. I just love repeat customers and getting to know them. I’ve learned over the years, when the kids get to know the family photographer they get more comfortable and are more willing to be photographed. Sometimes, that “big” camera can be scary but if they know the person behind it, they are a little less intimidated. I hope to capture all of Charlotte’s special moments as she grows through the years.

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Mrs. Glass

They’re married!!!

Adam and Ashley are officially Mr. and Mrs. Glass and now I get to share her beautiful bridal photos. Thank you Ashley for letting me photograph you and Adam for the events leading up to your wedding. Thank you for asking me to stand beside you as you said “I do”.

ashleybridals_3 ashleybridals_8 ashleybridals_10 ashleybridals_20 ashleybridals_24

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New Sis

Barbara and Tyler recently welcomed a new baby girl and I had the honor of photographing their sweet family. These girls are precious and we had a great time chasing after big sister.
How sweet are kids in swings? LOVE!

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Fishing and Hay Bales

After meeting Katelynn and Hagen I couldn’t help feel a little nostalgic. They kinda reminded me of my husband and I when we were their age. Although, they are MUCH cuter!

Hagen is a hard working, southern gentleman and Katelynn is his southern belle. The two complete each other perfectly and I know they will cherish many nights of fishing out by the pond. Or, maybe doing some dancing on the hay bales.

img_9480 katelynnhagen02 katelynnhagen03 katelynnhagen04 katelynnhagen10

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This sweet grandmother and granddaughter are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a tea party. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be spent with only your significant other. You can celebrate EVERY one that you love! brenda_08 brenda_09

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This sweet boy celebrates his 1st birthday in February and momma says the party theme HAD to be baseball. It seems he is already a little obsessed with the sport.

I can’t blame you Raleigh, Baseball is the best sport ever!

Happy Birthday Kiddo!

raleigh_1 raleigh_3 raleigh_18 raleigh_20

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