Print your pictures!

One of the many things I enjoy offering is the ability to print high end, professional prints and other photo products for my customers.

I believe that your family photographs should be printed and displayed on your walls and/or saved in an album. Heck, even just stored away in a box in your closet! The fact is technology changes and fails, but printed images will always be there. Prints and albums provide an heirloom for generations after you!

How many times have you set at your computer and flipped through images with the family around? Was it cramped, comfortable? How many of you keep a computer or tablet on your coffee table that just hold your family photographs? Why not set out an album instead? Who has had their computer crash with all of their family pictures saved on it? Fact: this happened to me just last week. I didn’t freak out because I have made sure to print photographs and make photo books. If your technology fails you, and I sure hope it doesn’t, will you have your precious family photos saved?

Are you needing some photos printed from a recent session? Great because I’m currently offering 10% off all of my print packages through July. Just call or email me and we’ll get your images printed so you have them forever.


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Photogenic Selfs

My last shoot while pregnant was with this beautiful family, the Selfs. These three can not take a bad photo!

I’m happy to let you all know that I am officially back from maternity leave!

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For me, Mother’s Day isn’t about the gifts or the nap I hope to get. All I really want is to spend a nice day with my family and soak in the day with the ones that made me a mother.

To all the mothers, grandmothers and aunts, I hope you get to soak in all the love from those that gave you these wonderful titles. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Blakley Boys

These Blakley boys haven’t been in the same state together in 15 years! When they finally got all together on Easter this year, they agreed they needed to document the reunion and celebrate with their sweet momma.


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She’s one!

This little doll is one!! Her mom was hoping she’d get a lot more messier!

I’ve had SO much fun photographing Allaynna over the past year and I sure hope I get to take her pictures for years to come. Hopefully one day I’ll be taking her senior portraits.

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Future Longhorn

When Sydnee, her mom and I stumbled upon this cactus patch we all kind of freaked out! The sun was setting and the colors were terrific!
Sydnee requested her senior shoot in downtown Fort Worth, and while I was 9 months pregnant, I wasn’t passing up the opportunity to photograph a beautiful girl in my favorite city.
Sydnee is the whole package, gorgeous and smart! She’s excited to be attending UT in Austin in the Fall. Congratulations Sydnee!!


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Maternity Leave

Beginning April 24th, I will officially be on maternity leave until Mid-June. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email but please know that my response time may be a little slower than usual.

Thank you!


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Miss. Mattie

Sweet Mattie celebrated her 1st birthday last week complete with pink and sparkle! What a perfect theme too because Miss. Mattie certainly lights up a room when she’s in it!


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Crazy Cousins

These sweet boys are cousins and their mommas and grandmas wanted pictures of them all together! There was never a dull moment with this group, and I suspect their grandma’s house isn’t dull either when they are all there together. What a fun group of handsome boys!

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Future Marine

This young man has made the decision to become a United States Marine after graduation! Thank you so much Willie for your commitment! You will make our small town of Chico very proud!

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