The Kemplins

This Canadian princess (Seriously, if Canada had princesses, Carly should be one!) fell in love with a good ol’ country boy from Texas and they are making it official!

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I Dos at the JP

Barry and Laura ended 2017 with one of the best events, a wedding!

Their family gathered at the Justice of the Peace on a cold, December afternoon to celebrate. We had a blast taking a few photos around the Wise County Courthouse and joking about thinking warm thoughts.

These two are smitten and I wish you all the best! Congratulations Neelys!

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Jessica and Brian welcomed little Mila just before Christmas but had to spend a little time in NICU. Mila is all well now and sweet as ever. Her momma already loves dressing her up and daddy is smitten. 

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Party Crasher

The Carter family invited me to their family Christmas this year to take updated family photos. Since everyone would finally be in ONE spot, what a great idea!
They even had a very special person crash the party!

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Westen Chase

Westen Chase Kaker was born December 22nd and made it home just in time to celebrate his first Christmas. What a perfect little present! His sister, Allie, is so in love with her new baby brother.

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Wolfe Crew

The Wolfe family very much needed updated family photos to feature in the new home they are building. How perfect to shoot their photos on their place! Then they asked me if they could included their animals. Like I would ever say no!

By the way… if you are looking for a storm shelter or one of a kind metal art, the Wolfe family makes beautiful products! 

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Winter Print Sale

Santa hasn’t gone home yet!
Now until February 20th, I’m giving ALL of my 2017 clients 10% off any print package!

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Chris and his new ride

Mr. Chris Tate is graduating this year from Decatur High School! He wanted to show off his pretty new truck in his senior photos. Nice ride, Chris!

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New Toy

So…I bought a new camera a little bit back and while I’m ecstatic about my new toy, I can’t help but pay homage to my old one.

In 2009 I was graduating from college with a degree in Photojournalism. While I know that I did not want to pursue that career, I did know I wanted to take pictures. I didn’t know for who, or of what, or even if I would eventually for myself, but I needed a good camera. So with the college money I was gifted by friends and family, I bought my first “real” camera, a Canon 5D Mark II. It was THE camera on the market at the time and I was got one!

It lead me to photographing about a gazillion soccer squirts on Saturday mornings. A job that really put the miles on me, my truck and my shutter but it was a lot of fun and I learned how to be patient with kiddos.

I then started taking photos of families I knew. A family whose beloved Bull Mastiff was about to pass away and they needed a few last photos with him. Some senior portraits, a lot of my own dogs, and a couple of weddings where I had no idea what I was doing. Eventually, a little boy named Jake entered my world and his “once a month photos” became my focus.

It had always been a dream of mine to own my own business and take pictures. So, it was two years after Jake was born that I pursued my dream. Thank you to my supportive family, friends and my trusty Mark II.

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Take more family photos

I had a very busy last couple of months photographing families for their Christmas cards and/or updated wall portraits. It is so important to have photos made of your family, and yes pets are family too! Here are a few of my favorites from the past few months.

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